[L-R] Audrey Andrzejewski of Saint Charles West, Anika Kallash of Troy Buchanan, Stacie Muehling of Fort Zumwalt South






[L-R Front Row] Karley Kaiman of Winfield, Vanesa Braune of Orchard Farm, Natalie Hyde of Saint Charles, Maggie Skeen of Saint Charles and Anna Meyer of Saint Charles

[L-R Back Row] Olivia jordan of Winfield, Courtney Schreiber of Saint Charles West, Audrey Andrzejewski of Saint Charles West, Megan Pierce of Saint Charles West, Megan Keevan of Saint Charles West, Kaitlyn Weinrich of Saint Charles West, Abbie Giblair of Saint Charles West and Macie Sommer of Warrenton

Not Pictured: Kayla Hedges of Orchard Farm



[L-R Front Row] Madsion Zurmuehlen of Wentzville Holt, Mackenzi Heisserer ofWentzville Holt, Gabriella Wiesner of Wentzville Holt, Isabella Henderson of Fort Zumwalt East and Morgan Weller of Fort Zumwalt East

[L-R Back Row] Claudia King of Fort Zumwalt South, Stacie Muehling of Fort Zumwalt South, Katie Baer of Washington, Taylor Bauer of Washington, Cassidy Nurnberger of Washington, Beth Roberts of Wentzville Liberty, Rachel Pudlowski of Fort Zumwalt North and Anna Durnin of Fort Zumwalt North

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[L-R Front Row] Morgan Bova of Troy Buchanan, Anike Kallash of Troy Buchanan, Kathryn VanBooven of Wentzville Timberland, Taylor Amlong of Francis Howell Central and Angel Ikeda of francis Howell Central

[L-R Back Row] Paige Anderson of Fort Zumwalt West, Lauren Crane of Fort Zumwalt West, Hope Limoges of Francis Howell, Morgan Evert of Francis Howell,Samantha Donaldson of Francis Howell North, Samantha Cary of Francis Howell North

Not Pictured: Abbie Miller of Francis Howell North