1. To be nominated the nominee must have graduated or coached at a GAC member school.
  2. To be nominated the nominee must be five years removed from his/her graduation date. Coaches nominated should be retired for a period of two years.
  3. Nominee's high school and post-high school accomplishments can be considered.
  4. Each school will be responsible for nominating potential Hall of Fame candidates.
  5. Each school may nominate no more than five candidates (2014-2015) and then three candidates for each subsequent year.
  6. The selection committee will be comprised of former athletes, coaches, and activities directors from the GAC, and include all current GAC Activities Directors.
  7. The nominees will be announced at the Spring GAC Coaches BBQ.
  8. The committee will select the Hall of Fame members at a vote to be held during a the summer months and then announced at the first GAC AD's meeting in August.
  9. Each school will recognize their individual members as each school sees fit. The GAC web site will list all Hall of Fame members.